Whether they are  Facebook groups, Google+ communities, Quora questions or the official Fiverr Forums, one type of question is always there in one way or another.

How can I as a new seller get started on Fiverr? How can I get my first order?

Fortunately, I’ve decided to write down this post for all of you looking to get started because I was stuck in your position once too.

Here are 8 tips you should always follow, experienced sellers can also benefit from these.


1. Use Custom Made Graphics



Use custom made graphics for your gig gallery, believe me, this gives a really good impression.

You can use a tool like Canva and go one step ahead to create Facebook covers, Twitter headers and much more to advertise the services you offer.In fact, the graphic you see for this post is also made using Canva.This comes across as professional and makes your gigs appear more attractive as well.



2. Add Videos


Lumen5 Pricing

Add videos to your gig gallery.This is not so easy as compared to adding photos since many users find it difficult to create videos but I have a solution for that too.You can use a tool like Lumen5 to create some great videos.The free version would suffice as it only comes along with a watermark so it’s enough to get you started.

Why I’m emphasizing on videos is because Fiverr itself recommends sellers to add it and also this will make your gig rank higher in Fiverr search results.


3. Use Accurate English


Poor English

Do you know what’s the biggest turn off for a buyer? A proposal or message riddled with grammatical mistakes and poor communication.The above screenshot is from the official Fiverr Forums, see what I mean?

Don’t be that seller and use an online proofreading tool like Grammarly to make sure all your texts come across as professional. Believe me, this really works.


4. Add Detailed Descriptions


You should always utilize Fiverr’s description area to give a full overview of your service, what the buyer can expect and the kind of projects you are willing to work on.Don’t overdo it but at least go in detail to let the buyers know of what you offer fully.


5. Edit Your Gigs Less Often


Recently a fellow seller on the Fiverr forums suggested another seller to edit their gigs more often optimising them with keywords, etc but is this even helpful?The answer is no.

A moderator later clarified that every time you edit your gig, it can disappear from Fiverr search results for up to 48 hours.You could well measure the notable loss in impressions resulting from this so edit less often and only when necessary


6. Offer Unlimited Revisions & Excellent Support


Here’s the thing. Even if you delivered an order with all the commitments you made and the buyer is still not satisfied, you’ll be at a great disadvantage.Want to know why?Because the buyer can anyway contact customer support and get a refund or even worse leave a bad review, won’t that affect your future potential customers and your credibility?

You won’t run into these kinds of buyers much but if you do, then make sure you get out by making them satisfied or at the last resort turn to cancellation but don’t get negative reviews.


7. Frequent & Fast Communication


As Michael Page says in a blog post,

Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation.”

This applies to freelancers as well and is a must. I’m not just talking here about my experiences as a seller but also the few times I’ve been a buyer, I would always prefer someone who would tell me what’s going on and keep me updated.The key here is to be also polite and not be too pushy as well.I’ve also written an entire post on this which you can read here.


8. Learn to Outsource Work


Outsourcing Work

I get it. People are supposed to outsource their work to you and not the other way around.Wrong.Times will come when you may come across a task that doesn’t fall under your capabilities but you still understand the task at hand.In such, learn to outsource, it’s a lifesaver.

I myself have many times hired other freelancers on Fiverr to do something I couldn’t figure out.Sometimes it is profitable and sometimes it isn’t but you still get to have the order in your name, right? That’s all that matter sometimes.The key here is to look out for quality freelancers who will actually complete the work you hire them for.

9. Use the Resolution Center


Can’t meet a deadline? Use the resolution center.Simply ask the buyer in a polite manner and open an extension request.Here’s how I do it.

Hi there, can I open a resolution to extend the delivery time? I couldn’t complete the work because you sent the login credentials a bit late.Thanks.

This should work like a charm, you’ll save yourself from delivering a late order and at the same time keeping the buyer happy.


10. Send Buyer Requests the Right Way


No buyer is going to hire you if you’re sending proposals filled with templates.The key here is to send custom-made proposals to each and every potential customer.

And the sellers who spam the buyer requests section by advertising their services here’s what Fiverr’s help center has to say:

Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled.


At last.

Be Patient


Fill in your profile completely & be patient, I signed up for Fiverr in August 2016. I tried to get orders but all my efforts of were no avail.

In between, I even stopped trying but then one day in March 2017 I got my first order and that too after 7 months. From there on till today, I have become a Level 2 Seller. The key takeaway from this is to be patient and try your best!


Have any other tips you want to see on the list? Comment them below!



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