WordPress is used by 28% of websites on the internet.

All of this is owed to the fantastic community behind it, the community that builds the features that make WordPress what it is today.There is a lot of information online for WordPress users to learn from and in such I have compiled a list of the top 5 resources on the web that aim to deliver high-quality content for users.


1.  WPBeginner



This is non-arguably the best resource site for WordPress.The quality of tutorials which are both available in written form and video not only benefit beginners but experts even truly benefit from the information they provide.It is owned by Syed Balkhi who himself is an established authority in the field of WordPress and he also leads the team at WPBeginner.

They also have a wide range of deals and coupons available for users in various fields.If you want to buy hosting space, a new theme or a new plugin, check it out first on WPBeginner, they might have coupons.

I remember about a year ago, when I purchased my first hosting account from Inmotion Hosting, as far as I can remember I also used a 50% coupon provided by WPBeginner which as a teenager was a considerable sum of money to me.

They have a wide range of articles on WordPress plugins, themes, troubleshooting, search engine optimization, security and also a helpful guide for beginners.


2. WordPress Codex


WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex is maintained by the fantastic community itself at WordPress.org.It has tutorials on the most basic of topics to the most complex ones including plugin and theme development, WordPress API’s and WordPress security.

It also has a glossary which you can go through to make sure you know about the topics that make WordPress.

Other notable links mentioned on the page include references as to how you can help the WordPress community by giving back by:

  • Helping in the support forums
  • Helping to translate WordPress to your local language
  • Reporting security issues & bugs to the respective developers
  • Helping to create the Codex documentation.

If you are a beginner or an expert, believe me, the Codex has definitely got you covered.


3. WP Tavern



Guess who owns this site? Matt Mullenweg. Don’t you know him? Well, he is the man behind WordPress since its inception back in 2004.Although WP Tavern was found on 23rd January 2009 by Jeff Chandler, it was purchased by Matt on June 8, 2011.However, Jeff was later hired by Matt and still continues to contribute to WP Tavern along with other writers.

WordPress Tavern is a site focused on all things WordPress. – WP Tavern

As they say it themselves, they have been providing fantastic information related to the WordPress blogosphere and also update users on events related to WordPress.Not only that all time popular plugins like BBPress & BuddyPress are also covered on their blog.This site is not primarily for beginners but experts as they cover pretty complex & specific topics such as insight into new WordPress versions & features and the latest WordPress news.

They also have 2 interesting regularly updated series, WordPress Weekly and In Case You Missed It(ICYMI) which you may want to check out.




WPKUBE is also a great site to learn WordPress from.They offer different beginner guides, product reviews, WordPress news & tutorials related to different issues.Apart from that, they also have coupons of the most famous and widely used themes, plugins, hosting & other services with amazing discounts just like WPBeginner does.


5. Elegant Themes


elegant themes blog

Guess what theme this site is built using? Well, it’s built using the famous Divi theme and it has been developed by Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes develops high-quality themes & plugins but apart from that, they have high-quality articles related to the WordPress world on their blog which is worth checking out.You really get to learn new things.


What are your favorite WordPress resources to learn from?Let me know in the comments section below.


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