Bitcoin has been all over the news for the past year and it’s for one reason, the high volatility, and sharp price surges not to mention its known as the most expensive cryptocurrency except it’s not.You read that right, here’s an altcoin that’s more expensive than Bitcoin!

42-Coin is a rare deflationary cryptocurrency created by a programmer named “Hendo“. Its worth more than $61000 right now which is more than 3 times the price of Bitcoin.

42-Coin on Coinmarketcap

At its peak value, 42-Coin was traded at the highest rate at 1900.00 BTC per one coin. At that time (13-Jan-2014), only 0.8 coins were in circulation, meaning this was the first crypto coin to exceed one million US dollars with less than 1 whole coin in circulation.

                                                                                                                   – Bitcoin Wiki

The coin is being currently traded on 4 exchanges namely:

  1. Cryptopia
  2. Livecoin
  3. Novaexchange
  4. Trade Satoshi

You could find wallets for Linux, Windows & MacOS on Github.

Originally 42 coins could ever be mined but that went wrong pretty quick on March 17, 2014, when a Github user named sherlockcoin made its supply unlimited and no one noticed.


According to CCN,

Woodcoin founder “Funkenstein the Dwarf” noticed something was awry with the 42 Coin project. When reviewing the code, he saw that there was nothing, actually, stopping the coin supply from exceeding the apparently magic number of 42. 

A patch was submitted by him in November 2014 but to his disappointment, he was mistaken to be the developer of the coin and ended up being accused of running a scam although this was eventually fixed in October 2015.

Patch on 42-Coin


Nowadays the coin is under the leadership of a user named Lasergun.This coin if not anything is just an example of how anything can happen in the cryptocurrency world, its full of surprises!

This is just 1 coin expensive than Bitcoin, much more exist and this is actually a downside of cryptocurrencies, creating coins that don’t have any real-life purpose for the sake of it, invest wisely folks!



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