Most of you have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and the various other cryptocurrencies in the market, all these have been developed by the talent in other countries but what if I told you that now Pakistanis have their own cryptocurrency?

That’s true, PakCoin is  Pakistan’s first premium cryptocurrency developed by the talent in our very own Pakistan which is based on the famous Litecoin.

PakCoin Roadmap

Image Source: PakCoin’s Official Website

Benefits of PakCoin

  • Available internationally and is being accepted at a wide range of places.

As Rehan Ahmed from ProPakistani stated,

Abid Hospital, located in Blue Area Islamabad, is accepting cryptocurrency (Pakcoin) as an alternative to cash. Moreover, they are also offering a decent 20% discount for anyone paying with PakCoin.

  • Instant & fast transactions with fraud-proof security making your transactions secure.
  • The processing fee is very low and reasonable which makes it financially sensible to use.

For Miners

The maximum number of coins are approximately 182 million.

If you want to mine PakCoins, you will get 50 PakCoins per block mined which would halve every 3 years.10% of the coins have already been pre-mined.This seems to be pretty promising to miners looking to join the game early.

Where to Buy PakCoin?

PakCoin is available on a number of exchanges.

On September 15, 2015, on its first day, the price of one PakCoin was about $0.000034.As of today, it is worth $0.007952 showing considerable progress.

How to Store your PakCoins?

PakCoin has a range of options available for different users to store their coins on their website at PakCoin Wallets.You can choose from Online Wallets, Desktop Wallets for Linux, Mac OS & Windows, Paper Wallets & an Android wallet is also available.


If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.

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