So I visited that cool site and found out that it was built using WordPress.Theirs this cool animation slider, an amazing design but how do I do this on my WordPress site?

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast or simply a user and come across a fantastic site built on the platform, you’d want to know what theme does the site use or what plugins make it what it is to make it possible for you.

In such, handy tools come in which allow you to scan a WordPress site to detect what frameworks, themes, and plugins the site is using.

One such tool is Who is WP?

This specific tool may not work for different sites and you might have to try out other amazing tools such as:

  1. ScanWP
  2. Is It WP?
  3. WPTD

Let’s try it out.

Who is WP?

Enter the URL of the site you want to scan and press enter.

Boom! In just a few seconds, you’ll be presented with loads of useful information.

 1. Theme Info

Theme Info

You’ll be presented with the:

  • Name of the theme the site is using
  • From where you could buy the theme
  • A short description of what the theme is intended to be used for
  • Information about the authors which in this case is Elegant Themes
  • The license of the theme.

2. Plugins Being Used

Used Plugins


Here are a few plugins my site is using from the full list.

This is very helpful in some cases.

I remember once when I created a website for a school event and one of my heads wanted the site loading style similar to that of a competitor’s site.

I checked the loader and had no idea that which plugin the developer had used to achieve this effect.

My solution?

I simply scanned the site using a theme and plugin detector and in no time got to know the plugin behind that specific feature.Although eventually, we did not use that feature, still it came in handy.

Similarly, you might find yourself in a situation where a client or your boss might want a similar feature to that of a competitor’s site and you would need this vital information.


However, as with anything, this approach has one disadvantage.

You can’t find out the theme being used by a website if the developers have changed the name of the theme in the stylesheet or obviously if they are using a custom theme.


Did you like this approach? Let me know in the comments section below!



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